Differentiated Mandate

Foundation Infrastructure Opportunities ("FIO") is an infrastructure debt strategy with an ESG focus offering scalable, uncorrelated, absolute returns generated from private and public credit investments backed by local infrastructure projects in the US.

Underserved by traditional capital sources and increasingly in need of more customized solutions, our target markets can offer attractive excess returns opportunities comprised of both current yield and capital appreciation with downside protection, stemming from project essentiality and associated history of low credit losses.

Pure play, mid-market US infrastructure debt serves as an attractive complement to infrastructure equity allocations, a diversifier to real asset or private credit allocations or an attractive absolute return allocation within non-core fixed income.

Growing Opportunity Set

US infrastructure is the foundation for economic activity and the investment needs are overwhelming existing capital markets, which are highly inefficient and shrinking, creating demand for more customized, flexible, patient and credit intensive capital that FIO offers.

Huge Need:

$4.5 Trillion by 20251

Local Control:

75% of funding is local2

Highly Fragmented:

90,000+ entities3

Our Sectors
  • Broadband / Fiber / 5G
  • Technology & Data Centers
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Utilities
  • Networked Infrastructure / Dynamic Monitoring
  • Higher Ed/School Facilities
  • Workforce and Affordable Housing
  • Essential Government Facilities
  • Civic Centers / Courthouses
  • Renewable Energy and Fuels
  • Utilities and Transmission
  • Energy Efficiency / Commercial PACE
  • Waste Disposal / Recycling
  • Catastrophic / Resilient Infrastructure
  • Wastewater / Stormwater
  • Clean water
  • Pipelines / Dams
  • Waterways / Levees
  • Mitigation and Remediation
  • AV and EV
  • Airports & Ports
  • Bridges & Roads
  • Rails & Transit
  • Goods Movement / Logistics

Investment Process

We source

idiosyncratic early stage lending opportunities, offering customized solutions that address growing market gaps and needs.

We organize

a diverse and hard to assemble universe of local infrastructure projects that include some form of government attachment and create economic, environmental or public benefits that improves our risk/return profile.

We target

excess returns from complexity and illiquidity premiums, market mis-pricings, credit migration, milestone achievement, revenue stabilization and other catalysts that generate value, uncorrelated to rates and macro credit markets.

Distinct FIO Advantage

  • 100+ years of experience across the FIO team
  • A credit and risk first approach
  • Ability to navigate complex local U.S. infrastructure markets
  • Differentiated sourcing networks
  • Solutions providers offering customized structures
  • Core competency in bridging the public and private sectors

FIO’s investment team consists of disciplined, credit intensive professionals who combine extensive project level assessments with proactive on-going risk and surveillance management.

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